What is UpToSchoolWorksheets

On this website you will find worksheets, activity sheets and practice sheets for kids on various subjects and grades, developed by alumni from NIT, IIITB and IISc. This is the route that will escalate the rate of your child's mental development and thus excel in studies. The site helps in exposing a topic in various ways, to help your child at the very early and most crucial stage of development, to learn how to think in various dimensions,for the whole life.

How to get our worksheets

There are two options to get the worksheets :
  • Online access :Access the worksheets on this site unlimited number of times and print the worksheets. You also get access to the new worksheets added to your subscribed subject. Click here for rates and to subscribe to the worksheets.
  • Printed worksheets :We print latest worksheets for you and courier them to you,all at once. This is useful as you have ready worksheets to give to your child. Great resource to people who wish to spend some more time for family or do not have ready access to the printer. See rates and order printed worksheets by clicking here
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