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KINDERGARTEN General Knowledge Based Fun Activities : Concept Based- NURSERY (26 Worksheets)

(Worksheets available only in printed format in colour)

A for Apple Learning to relate shapes with real objects; colour identification; Greater control of small muscle movement; concept of rhyming words; free hand movement

B for Buttons Learning to count real objects and visual discrimination; fine motor skills; imagination

C for Candy Castle Learning to identify small parts in a big picture; counting number of similar objects; differentiating objects from others to understand the concept of similarity

D for Dance, Dustbin, Doctor Learning to identify similar activities; know about a doctors and things they use

E for Eye, Ear, Elbow Learning to recognize body parts, their names, their starting/beginning sounds and actions performed by them, thus increasing general knowledge

F for Fruits, Feather, Face, Flowers Learning to identify things that come under the category of fruits; matching parts of one object; identifying objects in a given landscape; identifying beginning/starting sounds and visual discrimination

G for Glass, Gorilla, Grapes, Guava Learning to understand the concept of emptiness; knowing what things should be placed where

H for House, Hen, Horse, Hippopotamus Learning to identify beginning/starting sound, matching parts of various animals and their places of habitat

I for Ice-cream Learning the concept of hot and cold; rhyming; shape of ice-cream

J for Jar, Jug, Juice Learning the concept of speed and time and sequencing, differentiating size; learning to put down own imagination into paper and visual discrimination

K for Kite Learning to follow a given path; understanding the concept of height; matching similar objects with difference; visual discrimination

L for Lion, Ladybird, Lizard Learning about the king of the jungle and other wild animals; identify beginning/starting sounds; understanding different animals

M for Mummy Being sensitive to activities of a mother; learning to differentiate

N for Nurse Learning to identify the activities of a nurse and whom she works with; analytical reasoning

O for Oval, Orange Learning to shape of an oval and the things in real life that are oval; the colour orange; fine motor skills; following a pattern; analytical reasoning; visual discrimination

P for Purse, Pencil, Purple Learning the concept of placing; analytical thinking; observation and differentiating; concept of open and close

Q for Quilt Learning to match similar objects in different shapes; fine motor skills; understanding shapes finely; visual discrimination

R for Road Learning road and traffic behaviour; road safety; road transportation;

S for Seasons Learning about different seasons; activities done in different seasons and clothes and items done

T for Teeth Learning the shape and place of teeth; use of teeth; teeth of different types in animals; creatures with no teeth

U for Umbrella Learning to put imagination in reality; concept of procedure based on time and sequencing; different uses of umbrella; analytical reasoning

V for Vegetables Learning the procedure of how we get food to eat and hence learns the concept of sequence; knowing different vegetables and their colours; increasing general knowledge

W for Water Learning places that we get water from; concept of floating and sinking by practical application and experimenting; activities done in water

X for X-mas Learning about the celebrations of Christmas and Christmas tree; observations and festivals

Y for Yo-Yo, Yarn, Yak, Yellow, Yatch Learning to follow a path and different needs and what is needed when

Z for Zebra Learning about stripes of a zebra and other animals; the concept of movement; observation

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