GK Based Fun Activities
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Lower KG GK Based Fun Activities

General Knowledge worksheets for Lower KG

Detailed Topics and Worksheets

KINDERGARTEN Fun based English Worksheets : Concept Based- Lower KG (26 Worksheets)

(Worksheets available only in printed format in colour)

a for air Learning the activities that needs air; introducing the concept of air pollution

b for blocks, boat Learning to identify objects parts; visual discrimination; matching similar objects presented with a little change; imagination

c for cotton, clothes Learning to identify clothes worn in summer and learns the concept of soft and hard

d for dog Learning to draw a simple dog; dog as a faithful friend; identify body parts

e for elephant Learning about elephant, its food and other animals food

f for food, fruits Learning the concept of colours, shapes, importance of food in growth; drawing; recognizing ones own likings

g for grains Learning to recognise grains and cereals and what are made from those cereals in our food; recognising the grains by seeing and touch

h for honey and honeybee Learning about honeybee; and other insects; writing skills : staying within space;

i for igloo Learning about an igloo; who lives in an igloo; where we find igloos; what do we find in similar place as igloo

j for jeep Learning about jeep and wheels, engine and transportation

k for kettle; kitchen Learning about kettle and things kept in kitchen; matching blocks; visual discrimination

l for leaf Learning the concept of all trees of one type have similar leaves but are different from leaves of other trees

m for milk Learning the procedure of receiving milk in our house; people who help us;

n for nest, nine Learning about nest, where it is found and how it looks and about the number nine; joining blocks at same places; memory game and visual identification

o for onion, orange Learning to differentiate between onion and orange on the basis of looks, category; inner looks; what happens on cutting them

p for puppy; penguin; pigeon Learning the concept that offsprings look similar to parents; different animals have different types of diet; finding path through a maze;

q for queue Learning about the queue; where it is found and what can we do while in a queue

r for rain, rainbow, rope Learning about rain and things that help during rain; learning the procedure about how a rainbow is formed; improving writing skills;

s for shops Learning about the concept of shops and recognising what we get in particular shops

t for Teeth Learning about traffic light, how it looks and what the lights mean; rhyming

u for uniform Learning about uniform of different people and as a symbol of people who help us; drawing practise and learning to present on paper what we see in reality

v for vacation Learning about vacations and things taken on a trip and about different type of places

w for watch Learning about watch and very simple concept of time on it; where it is worn and activities that are done while keeping track of time

x for x-mas Learning about season when we celebrate Christmas and procedure in decoration; concept of procedure based on time and sequencing;

y for year Learning year and months; beginning letters of months of a year and winter months; learning sequence of months and drawing while learning

z for zebra, zebra crossing Learning the fact that zebra crossing has stripes of a zebra where a zebra can be found and eating habits of a zebra

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